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We take pride in every beer we craft and want to share with you our creations.  We want you to see the beers you can come in and enjoy now as well as what beers you can expect to be tasting soon. Below is a list of the beers we've made as well as their current status.  Beers that are currently Fermenting will take on average about 3 weeks before they will be On Tap, but please know that the time frame is beer style dependent.

Note On Growlers: YES!

Our Naming Convention:

In general - we don't spend too much time coming up with clever marketing names.  Our goal is to produce delicious quality beer and introduce everyone to all the different beer styles, hops, and characteristics within a beer. We've recently change from MAJOR.MINOR recipe notation (that programmers/technical people will understand) to a more user friendly/simpler format.  The new format will help associate the beer with when it was brewed.  We've decided on a YearMonth format.  So a beer tapped in May 2017 - will be appended with 1705.  This should help you identify if you've had the beer or not.

As always - we just hope you like our beer.  If a beer is so good that it earns a name of it's own, we will proudly give it a name.

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